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Kilometer 2932: the stunning Cappadoccia aka why I agreed to wake up before dawn

So, well, yes. The Turkish bazaar has finally defeated me. And I fought so long!

In Cappadocia, apart from the beautiful everything, there is also turquoise. I’ve got an even weaker spot for local gems and minerals than I do for gummy bears, which is a pity, because gems are a more expensive hobby. Explaining to myself that one obviously needs a good luck charm for the journey, and which lucky charm could be better than a turquoise – I chose my lovely tiny one and hope that it’ll go with me far, far away.


Oh, the Turkish politics has pulled off a nice prank on the poor Cappadocia! The employees of the air balloon companies outnumber the tourists, the waiters sweep the empty tables with bored glances and the souvenir stalls try to catch the attention of the few passers-by with ludicrously low prices. I must have been the only customer on that day.

But the colours of the rocky ravines keep dancing in the sunlight, the caves carved in the tuff chimneys keep inviting the hikers to hide away from the scorching heat and the dawning sky keeps filling up with the vibrantly colourful air-balloons. There has never been a better time to visit this region. Well, maybe not necessarily in August, when the weather offers extra attractions, such as 48°C. Do learn from my mistakes. Remember the sunscreen. I’m lying under a thick layer of soothing yoghurt on my back while writing this, best greetings!





A room with a view
A room with a view.


Probably the only reason to get me to wake up before sunrise
Probably the only reason to get me to wake up before sunrise.



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