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Kilometer 25 989: fluttering colourful flags

I know you prefer to see some letters in my posts, there are some places though which are best accompanied by silence. I fell in love with Tibet. The air smells of Himalayan wind, incense burned in temples and an upcoming storm. I fell in love with the Tibetans. There is peace, wisdom and light in their eyes; there are colourful beads, feathers and freedom in their hair. The streets welcome me with a smiling and cheerful greeting tashidele.

Kangding is known as the gateway to the Tibetan world. It is not only a fantastic place to start getting to know this land, but also to properly acclimatize before heading off to higher mountains.
Inside the Buddhist monastery in Kangding

The prayer flags are placed in important and visible places to balance the harmony of the five elements: sky, wind, earth, water and fire. Moved by the wind, they spread the good energy around the whole area.

The view of Ganzi/Garze
According to the Buddhist beliefs, spinning a prayer wheel that has mantras written on it, has the same effect as reciting them., only quicker. Unless it’s a huge prayer wheel, putting those in motion is a real challenge.
Harley monks from Litang 

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