I’m glad you’re here!

This means that you like what and how I write and you’re wondering how we can join forces. Let me tell you how :).

I love writing and I’m good at it.

My articles and photos have been rewarded in numerous contests, including ones organized by National Geographic and FujiFilm. I will be pleased to write an article for you, or to test your product and tell my readers about it.

I’m a keen traveller and I’m good at it, too.

If you invite me, I will gladly visit your region or hotel and present it on my page and social media.

Here are examples of articles presenting particular places: Singapore and Lisbon.

I lead an active lifestyle and constantly gain new skills. Being a passionate linguist, I happily acquire new languages. Travel and adventure are two intertwining concepts, therefore I often try new and exciting sports, with special focus on dancing, water and winter sports. I will be happy to take part in a course or event that you organize and describe my experiences.

I enjoy telling a good story, sharing my experience, anecdotes and curiosities, as well as motivating to travel and helping organize it. My debut in giving a travel speech took place during the World Travel Show – Poland’s biggest travel fares, on the National Geographic stage. I will gladly hold a lecture or organize a travel workshop at your event.

What do you gain by working with me?

It’s going to be cozy, pleasant and trouble-free. It’s going to be creative, unconventional and witty. And we will reach a large, committed and flourishing group of my readers and followers in social media.

Do you have any other ideas? I’m convinced that we will find a common ground for collaboration.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you at!