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How to hitchhike – part 5: the finale

At this point you know almost all there is to know about hitchhiking, to an extend that is possible without having actually hitchhiked yourself. In this section I’m just going to explain several concerns and after that – let’s hit the road!


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How to hitchhike – part 4

Buenos! Let’s rock those communication skills!

Why and what for such a subject? I’m well aware that not everyone is a great mixer and excels at making acquaintances, especially knowing that in a while we will all go our separate ways and never see each other again. Some people find smalltalk nothing but natural, have it with radiant smile on their face and never experience awkward silence. Others, however, find it torture and use lots of energy to think of a subject, engage in chit chat and keep the conversation going. If such distress is accompanied by a feeling of pointlessness (I won’t keep in touch with this person anyway, so why bother?), the task gets even tougher. Today’s tips are for you, dear introvert!

Znaleziony obraz

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How to hitchhike – part 3

Today’s focus is an issue which discourages many people from ridesharing.


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How to hitchhike – part 2

Today is all about not getting run over by passing cars and making sure that once the driver has stopped for us, they will not screech away before we get into the car.


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How to hitchhike – part 1

Dear rookie hitchhikers,

I present you with the hitchhikers guide to the world! What to do and what not to do in order to find a good ride and create positive experiences? Read on to find out!


Few means of transport are as rewarding and cost-effective as sharing a car with a helpful and kind driver. Hitchhiking may be popular in some countries and not so common in others, but it does make a possible and fulfilling way of travelling around the whole world.

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