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Kilometer 37 576: in the jaws of Java

You come to Bali to eat, pray and love.

I was returning from Poland with a few extra kilograms in the hip area, meditation is not my cup of tea, hence the first two elements did not particularly excite me, but for the first time in a year and a half I got to miss Piotrek, so the third one – oh, yes.


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Kilometer 30 967: a depressive journey to a depressive capital

Hitchhiking in the back of a pick-up car.

Wind in your hair, panoramic views, environmentally friendly air con. A feeling almost as good as galloping on a horse back…

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Kilometer 28 882: the private life of motorbikes

The fertile land of the Mekong Delta. Every morning hundreds of individuals crawl out from their burrows. Slowly, but with great determination, they head for places of their daily encounters. Some of them tiny, two-wheeled, others powerful, gladly using their engine whirrs to intimidate the neighbourhood. All are driven by the will to fight. The vehicle that lives through the first weeks in the urban jungle has the potential to cope in the future. Only the fit will survive.

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12 moments from 12 months of round-the-world travel

Yes! That’s that! A year ago we left home and were standing in Kosciuszki street with our thumbs up. 12 months later and I’m sitting in Kuala Lumpur, drinking coconut water and wondering whether I should have Indian or Chinese for lunch. Oh, the adventures that we had! Sure thing – today must be all about anniversary memories :). Let me tell you about our top moments.

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Kilometer 25 720: on extremists and separatists

A massive man shaved bald with a swastika tattooed on his hand motioned for me to come inside. There was a picture of his leader hanging above the tent door, a man considered an extremist and separatist with terrorist inclinations. Those of his kind are relocated, silenced and stifled. They’d better not create larger groups and organizations.

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Kilometer 9873: taarof aka the Iranian gradmas’ ways to feed the grandkids

As an honest human being, Piotrek came to the bus driver to pay. The driver smiled, smacked his lips, swayed his head and turned the money down.

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How to hitchhike – part 5: the finale

At this point you know almost all there is to know about hitchhiking, to an extend that is possible without having actually hitchhiked yourself. In this section I’m just going to explain several concerns and after that – let’s hit the road!


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Kilometer 5971: on the failed attempts to get hungry and cold

This must be a land of long-distance, nay! ultra marathon runners, indefatigable hikers.

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How to hitchhike – part 4

Buenos! Let’s rock those communication skills!

Why and what for such a subject? I’m well aware that not everyone is a great mixer and excels at making acquaintances, especially knowing that in a while we will all go our separate ways and never see each other again. Some people find smalltalk nothing but natural, have it with radiant smile on their face and never experience awkward silence. Others, however, find it torture and use lots of energy to think of a subject, engage in chit chat and keep the conversation going. If such distress is accompanied by a feeling of pointlessness (I won’t keep in touch with this person anyway, so why bother?), the task gets even tougher. Today’s tips are for you, dear introvert!

Znaleziony obraz

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Kilometer 5523: on the troubles with Azeri hitchhiking

– Ever been to Armenia?

– But no, absolutely!

The officer browsed through our passports page by page as if they were the most captivating book in order to make sure that we are not enemies of the nation.

– So welcome to Azerbaijan!


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