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Kilometer 5170: on the connection between Lewandowski and hitchhiking

Robert Lewandowski! You have achieved the unachievable.

You outran Boniek[1]. You outran Wałęsa. You outran Kaczyński. Lech Kaczyński, In Georgia, you outran[2].

Write down and underline twice. You want to hitchhike – learn to speak football. This is the most important conversation topic, right after where you’re from and which places you have already visited.

For some reason, these conversations are not aplenty, though. Only around half of the drivers who pick us up are Georgians and these don’t appear to be overly chatty. Instead of the proud and strong music with a touch of nostalgia, who welcomes us is usually a raspy Russian disco vocalist, attempting to croak the Rod Steward-way and to keep up with the tick tick boom, alternatively a classic representative of the American madafaker bitch genre. This doesn’t exactly match my urge to get to know the rich and colourful culture.

Luckily, before we leave Georgia, we’ll still meet a couple who will take us on a musical tour and explain to us with pride and sparkle in the eye why this country is so unique.


[1] Biggest name in Polish football until Lewandowski, midfielder in the 80s.

[2] Former Polish president considered Georgian national hero for standing up for them against Russia.                                                          


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