About the blog

I’m glad you’re here – stay forever 🙂

I’m Hania, but you already know that, because we met here.

I’m sure you’re wondering what sort of a funny name this is – HiHa.

Well, of course it’s funny – it’s stands for “hihi haha”. That’s exactly what we do around here – we laugh, tell travel anecdotes and stories. We get excited about everything like a golden retriever and when something freaks us out, wonders or annoys, we cover it with a warm blanket of sarcasm.

HiHa is also short for HitchHaning – this blog’s first name, which I care about deeply, because even though to a non-English eye the amount of neighbouring consonants seems disturbing, it captures the essence of this page perfectly. HitchHaning, or hitchhiking Hania – that’s the other thing we do. It is my favourite mean of transport, no other way gives you the opportunity to meet as many kind, quirky, fascinating and inspiring people.

I’m on my way, not sure where to, but that’s alright, because reaching a destination is not my goal.

Meet Piotrek

He’s the one who makes my wild ideas come true. A survival genius, chemist, carpenter, virtuoso cook (under any conditions), a mine of solutions and my very own husband – all of the above with 5-20-day-long stubble, stoic attitude and diagnosed introversion.

It all started when…

One day with one Piotrek and two backpacks I left home and caught I ride. Since then I’ve been going East so long that it became West, I’ve been communicating in languages I don’t know, trying food I can’t name and dancing to the music of street artists.

Join us!

What you’ll find here is adventure, sarcasm, hitchhiking, sense of humour and stories from exotic lands – all under one roof, usually one of a tent.

In the section Round the World there are… stories from our trip around the world (well done!), in Favorite Places – you’ll find a bit of travel inspiration. Sage Advice contains plenty of practical pre-travel info. High Five is literally a virtual high five, there we can talk right about anything over coffee / wine.

The Warm Blanket of Sarcasm gathers texts that have a higher than average concentration of humour and irony, while in People and Stories you will meet our travel guardian angels. All these chapters meet in the region-divided Travel category.

If you want to have a laugh together, offer me accommodation in your aunt’s backyard somewhere in Nepal, buy me a beer or send a recipe for cookies – feel free to write: hania@hiha.pl . Or send me a homing pigeon.