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I will furnish my home here some day. I have fallen in love with Turkish ceramics and carpets, greatly, passionately and sincerely and vow to remain faithful to them – at least until Iran.

Gorgeous, elaborate ornaments, colourful stained-glass lanterns, stylish coffee sets and copper dishes wait on every corner of the bazaars and keep giving me this puppy look – take me home! Piotrek, don’t talk to me right now, I’m focusing on not buying stuff.

Who said that a cave can't be a workshop at the same time?
Who said that a cave can’t be a workshop at the same time?

Even though the Egyptian and Tunisian trade men have taught you that having some candy or nuts will result in an hour-long visit in their cousin’s shop, don’t fear! You can easily and confidently get yourself almost coated in sugar after strolling down the fifth alley and trying the only, best, original lokum prepared according to the ancient family recipe. Lokum, or Turkish delight, is something a bit like gummy bears. You get it, right? There are gummy bears, so it’s ok. These ones here are pomegranate flavoured, with pistachios, those over there – exquisite coconut, twice cooked. And of course the specialty of Safranbolu – saffron lokum, no local person with a sense of self-respect will let you leave without trying this one. Oh gosh, I’ve had too much sugar…

Introduction to lokum
Introduction to lokum
What an incredible smell!
What an incredible smell!

Every diet I’ve ever been on is laughing at me ruthlessly. “Why would you start a diet now? You’ll be skin and bones after some time on the road!” – my best friend advised me several months ago. Oh, Kasia, you couldn’t have known… People keep feeding me. Every step of the way. They give me cookies, bagels,  cookies, halva, nuts, yoghurts and cookies. Do you think that carrying a fitness dvd in my backpack will help me burn that baklava?

Baklava - how sugar can pretend to be nuts
Baklava – how sugar can pretend to be nuts



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