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Kilometer 28 046: on all that can fit on a motorbike

The land of never-ending rice paddies, triangular straw hats and 80 billion motorbikes. They are an internal part of Vietnam’s panoramas and the easiest and most available mean of transport, both passenger and cargo one. Let’s have some fun today and choose the least typical moto cast. Put on you visualization glasses and off we go!

So, one motorbike can carry:

–  two adults, a big suitcase and a bicycle

– a driver and 70kg of goose down (that makes the moped grow to the size of a small fiat)

– two persons and 7 cages with 30 geese[1]

– one human and 120 adult hens

– driver, daughter, two freshly butchered pigs

– a man and a dog. A mastiff, to be precise.

– two men and two fans

– four people and a suitcase

– a driver and 360 packs of chips

– a stack of grass and probably a driver hiding somewhere in it

– red cabbage and a triangular hat jutting out of it

– four king-sized mattresses and a person

– a driver and 40 dead ducks hanging heads down on bamboo sticks

– a man and seven cats

Cycling bonus:

– one man and 60 gold fish in plastic bags

And you? What can you fit on a moped?

[1] The enumerated animals were alive, unless stated differently

So let’s go on a cycling trip around Hanoi.
Bridge over the Red River, which leads to the Banana Island – a perfect camping spot in the middle of the city 🙂
The island/ river is inhabitated by quite a few locals and while walking through the banana jungle you can walk into… a nude tennis game. You’ll just have to believe me 😉

Dystribution of bananas, level: Vietnam.



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