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Kilometer 7124: eating and fighting – the Armenian way

… and Armenia waited with arms wide open and table heavily overloaded.

What’s the easiest way to make Piotrek the happiest man in town and make me wanna cry just a bit at the same time? By offering dinner consisting of: porky ears, head meat stew, pork jelly, lard noodles, moonshine. Each plate was oinking out loud. Pure happiness.


Beside a variety of meat cut out from rather surprising parts of the animals and a wide range of bread types, the key tastes of Armenia are too strong vodka and too strong coffee. Interestingly, in the Armenian language there is no concept of too. Coffee may be strong or very strong, with no too strong option.

One of the bread types, lavash, is a wedge issue between Armenia and Azerbaijan, since both nations claim that it is their very own symbol and cultural heritage. The same refers to a kind of a flute named duduk and pomegranates. The two countries have been on war for 20 years now, so naturally they don’t have very warm feelings towards each other, but what we are talking about here is actual snatching quite universal symbols out of each other’s throats.

Don’t worry, Armenia. Azerbaijan will sure not argue its right to pigs’ ears and pork jelly.



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