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5 songs of Kurdish melancholia

Throughout history, the Kurdish nation has probably experienced every atrocity that a nation can experience throughout history. The pain, the grief and the nostalgia are present in many songs: when people – then with no land, when love – then disappointed.

I’d like to share my personal top five of Kurdistan with you. Get your tissues.

Let’s start with the searing songs of the Kahraman brothers. Who could better tell the story of life when you have no land? Kemal, one of the brothers, lives in exile in Germany.

The charismatic Aynur Doğan encourages Kurdish girls to take off their high heels and show what they’re made of.

Şahê Bedo – about love, for a change. Unrequited, most probably.

Ciwan Haco is also going insane with love.

Last but not least, a touching song devoted to the victims of ISIS tortures and slaughters calls for the world to finally notice the Kurdish people.

Sorry to leave you nostalgic…!

Do share your music from this region with me, I’d love to listen to your favourites!

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