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Kilometr 32 382: the Asian sick story

Well, I got my share of luck. Having fallen victim to two gentlemen on a motorcycle, I’m sitting in Melaka two months longer than originally planned, persuading my collarbone to grow back faster after the mentioned gentlemen pushed me off the bike, tempted by a very low-profile, rag backpack that in no way indicated its contents, while carrying half of the electronic devices we used to possess.

The cut on my head was impressive enough to make any make-up artist proud of their work on a Halloween night and as soon as I remembered where I had been heading and why (which coincided with the time the gathered consoling party lost hope that an ambulance would arrive), the party took me home. From there, together with Piotrek, Monika and Banana (hosts, friends, flatmates, saviours), we set out for a hospital-police adventure quest.

So there I was, sitting in the hospital waiting area, recollecting the idyllic events from a few years ago…

Thai morning

Endless, white beaches surrounded by a turquoise lagoon. Soothing sound of waves trying to make it to my feet. A good book in one hand and an ice-cold mango shake in the other. Perfection.

Thai afternoon

Lush forest cut into halves by the stream carrying our kayak, a rainbow of butterflies and the cool breath of caves. I’m paddling slowly while keeping my burning face outside and vomiting myself into unconsciousness.

She doesn’t know yet…
Thai evening

A smiling driver in his colourful tuktuk pulls over just in front of the Krabi hospital, aka my hotel for the night. A slightly less than inviting bright light of the waiting area/ reception/ hospital room of countless beds awakes me as my partner is having a comforting chat with the insurance company. After handing me over to a Thai speaking nurse, he goes to the toilet. That’s where he’ll spend many of the hours to follow.

Thai night

I open my eyes and see a monkey hanging down from the ceiling. The drip needle in my arm and the cold compress on my forehead remind me where I am. An English speaking doctor has made her night through all the tourists who got caught up in the moment and forgot that ice in your drink may not be the greatest of ideas, and equips me with the necessary antibiotics and electrolytes. I look around and notice my partner on the bed beside the two fighting cats.
Two more days of fever and fighting for a toilet and we’ll be fine.

One more month of legal jello eating and I might be able to put my backpack back on!

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