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Kilometer 6335: on Ganja and train rides

Hitchhiking works too well. Having checked that, we decided to reach the city charmingly named Ganja by a night train. Is there any other place that could be chosen for the European Youth Capital?

Having paid a crazy price of 6 manats (less than 4$) per person for an 8-hour and almost 400km long journey, having goggled at the ticket when I noticed that it’s a sleeping car and I have a bed for myself, having doubted my ability to read a train ticket and having found the right platform, I got on the train. I shouldn’t have doubted my ability to read a train ticket.

The train guard welcomed each and every passenger individually and handed them a package consisting of a towel, a train-patterned bed sheet, a train-patterned pillow case and a blanket, also train-patterned. We comfortably had dinner (no, this one was not included in the price) by a table, washed it down with a bottle of not very good wine, were informed by the train guard that he would come wake us up before Ganja, lay down on the train-patterned sheets and fell asleep.

The train-patterned bedding.
The train-patterned bedding.



Walking the streets of Ganja...
Walking the streets of Ganja…
I get the feeling...
I get the feeling…
that someone must have been very much inspired by the city's name...
that someone must have got very inspired with the city’s name…
in order to build a house from glass bottles.
… in order to build a house from glass bottles.


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