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Georgia in headphones: 5 ways to cope with autumn

It’s here. This is the moment when you get less excited about your pumpkin ginger soup and the mushroom risotto. The chestnuts that you found are getting covered with dust and the neighbour’s dog took the charm away from the colourful pile of leaves.

Soon you’ll be scraping frost off your car, coming home from work without seeing the sun for the whole day… Braise yourselves. Autumn has come.

How do you cope with it? I know one way: the mountains! If not actively, than at least aurally 🙂

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Kilometer 6948: on chirping, fluttering, flatbreads and canyons


I was woken up by the chirping birds.

A skein of cranes was passing above the gorge fluttering their wings. Some sheep were climbing up the rocky hill with their bells ringing. A sleepy trout splashed the water with its tail. In the distance a waterfall was hitting the rocks. Long story short – a terrible ruckus.

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Kilometer 5400: gaumarjos means cheers


I won’t attempt to teach anyone history. I just want to note that Georgia, next to its neighbour, Armenia, is one of the oldest around-European civilizations.

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Kilometer 5170: on the connection between Lewandowski and hitchhiking

Robert Lewandowski! You have achieved the unachievable.

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Kilometer 4941: on the challenges of hitchhiking and the defeat of Polish team

So we’re reading the map. There are two alternative roads: one through the capital city, the other one a byway, but clearly and unambiguously an existing one. “Let’s not drag ourselves into Tbilisi, we’ll spend a whole day getting out of the city!” – Hania said wisely.

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Kilometer 4793: on the secret of Georgian construction and surprise lemonade


You’d think it’s a small country! The climate in Georgia changes every 200 km in each direction.

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Kilometer 4640: the Mexico on Georgian plates

For some reason Piotrek thinks this photo goes well with a culinary post.

For some reason Piotrek thinks this photo goes well with a culinary post.

Unexpectedly, Georgian cuisine got compared to Mexican. After a quick analysis, I figured that there might be something in it: corn, beans and tomatoes reign in most dishes and local pallets claim that it’s spicy.

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Kilometer 4127: on the skills needed to become a taxi driver and the sacred animals of Georgia

Georgian drivers are an independent social and cultural group. Every car can become a taxi, every bigger car can become a marshrutka, every man can become a professional driver. All you need is attitude and goodwill.


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Kilometer 3707: on chacha, neon lights, carpets and Batumi

After elbowing our way through the crowd of laden migrants (what do they carry in those enourmous bags?! Bedding? Carpets?), explaining to the seventh driver that we are not waiting for a marshrutka (minibus) or even less so for a taxi, and listening to the bidding drivers, we got to the capital of Adjara – Batumi. Continue reading

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