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Kilometer 14 802: who was the first to wear socks with high heels aka Turkmen fashion

Dolce and Gabbana could come here to get inspired and express their admiration for the innovative marrying of various fabrics and the choice of motives.


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Kilometer 14 693: on the edge of Inferno

You’re just a bit anxious. After all, a complete stranger is telling you to leave his vehicle somewhere in the middle of an absolute nowhere.


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Kilometer 14 424: the city of Jetsons, fountains and overzealous police officers

Meet George Jetson and his wife Jane. Visit their shining sterile futuristic city.


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Kilometer 14 159: Turkmen visa, aka “and today’s winning numbers are…”

– Good morning Turkmenistan, can I have one visa to go?

– No visas today! Supplier didn’t show up!

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