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Month: July 2017

12 moments from 12 months of round-the-world travel

Yes! That’s that! A year ago we left home and were standing in Kosciuszki street with our thumbs up. 12 months later and I’m sitting in Kuala Lumpur, drinking coconut water and wondering whether I should have Indian or Chinese for lunch. Oh, the adventures that we had! Sure thing – today must be all about anniversary memories :). Let me tell you about our top moments.

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Kilometer 27 574: vaccine for China

I started queuing for the fourth time at the same railway station. The first counter wouldn’t serve foreigners, the second one wouldn’t use a translator and the third one would only sell a ticket to a traveller presenting a valid passport. The valid passport was currently in the Vietnamese consulate, three blocks away. Nothing surprised me.

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What not to pack?

There are various schools telling you how to pack – some people start two weeks early and a while before setting off don’t remember what they had already thrown into their backpack, so they just end up throwing everything in once again, just in case. Others gaze at their wardrobe for so long that finally they just toss half of it into their luggage, as it comes.

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Kilometer 26 830: Yading Nature Reserve aka how I became a masochist

I woke up grilled finely on both sides. I lingered in bed toasting my back just a bit more, knowing that I’d surely miss the comfy bed with the electric blanket a lot the following night… The few nutcases who come to Tibet during winter quickly become accustomed to the heater under the sheet on a bed that costs them 3$. You usually need a good dose of mettle to crawl out of it and face the radiator-free room, but not today. Today we were finally reaching the place for which we came to China.

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