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Month: May 2017

Kilometer 23 092: on the Chinese excavating works and personal space

How can a huge finger like that fit into such a small nose? – Piotrek was intrigued enough to maintain eye contact with the lady who was fervently performing some archeological excavating works in her very own face. She fixed her gaze on him and there was a serious risk she would drill through the wall.

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Kilometr 22 856: on withdrawal and detox aka sweets in China

Sister! There will come a time when you start to hate China, the Chinese and yourself for the idea to come to this country. You’ll wake up furious, your man will piss you off without even knowing the how or the why, which will piss you off even more. The day will be doomed before it really begins and only three things will be able to save it: haribo gummy bears, a white kitkat bar and Portuguese sweet fortified wine. Non-Portuguese, non-sweet and non-fortified can also do the job.

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Kilometer 21 886: on decibels, health and safety rules and Chinese national parks

The driver emphatically gathered the mucus that he had been building up all morning especially for the occasion and discharged it through the sad spot left after the upper incisors, which was also a perfect fit for the almost smoked-out cigarette.

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Kilometer 20 740: the choo choo and the chew chew

All aboooaaard! Let the choo choo begin!

And as the train starts its choo choo, the passengers start the chew chew.

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Kilometer 20 146: are you ready for China?

Wanna go to China? Go, go, go! But do prepare a bit beforehand. Whichever country you choose as your next destination, there will be always something to surprise you. It will be odd, it will be peculiar, it will be more fun or less fun than what you’re used to. In China, though, it seems that the elements of surprise are lurking around every corner. Let’s find out whether you’re ready to travel there, shall we?

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