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5 reasons why I don’t like South East Asia

Have you seen the episode of Friends in which Chandler admits that he hates dogs, even puppies, because you can never tell what they’re thinking from their eyes, and Ross – that he doesn’t like ice cream because it’s simply too cold? Well, that’s how I feel making my announcement. Everyone loves South East Asia. Food is cheap and delicious, you can count on the weather any time, there are beaches, monkeys, baby elephants, awesome diving spots and even better parties. What can one possibly not like about all of this?

How can you say no to this?!

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Kilometer 7460: how to deal with the autumn chill Armenian way

Decisions, dilemmas, choices. Every day challenges us. Which major? Career or family? A house or an apartment? All of those – trivialities. Here is the most severe decision you will ever face:

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Kilometer 4793: on the secret of Georgian construction and surprise lemonade


You’d think it’s a small country! The climate in Georgia changes every 200 km in each direction.

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Kilometer 3198: on trust, organic honey and unexpected climate changes

We are overtaking another vehicle in a tunnel while exceeding the speeding limit three times, but the absolute poker face of Ramazan, our driver, has a surprisingly reassuring effect.

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