I have travelled for as long as I can remember. My first summer camp took place in a beautiful Alpine setting when I was 5. Well, it did turn out to be a three-week long cultish indoctrination run in a way that wouldn’t be awarded by UNICEF, but hey – if such an adventure didn’t kill my travel bug, nothing could.

Numerous scout camps, language courses, backpacking trips and 15 years later I went for my very first and very unorganized hitchhiking trip, then the next one and another one. Finally I caught myself planning Norway while still hiking around the Balkan countries and mulling over the ways to get some days off for the Italian Amalfi coast while being on a plane to Scotland.


Today I travel full-time.

Some might say – another cliché story, girl quits work and goes backpacking around the world to find her true self. Not exactly – I’m rather trying to find the true self of the places I visit and the people I meet on the way. I go, not always knowing where to, but that doesn’t really matter, because reaching a destination is not the name of the game. If you like, I’ll happily share my observations and anecdotes, music which isn’t on the radio station top 40 list and my systematically gained experiences.

Meet Piotrek

He’s the one who makes my wild ideas come true. A survival genius, chemist, carpenter, virtuoso cook (under any conditions), a mine of solutions and my very own husband – all of the above with 5-20-day-long stubble, stoic attitude and just a tiny empathy deficiency. Currently, he has accepted the position of permanent traveler, and we hitchhike together.


If you want to have a laugh together, tell me I talk nonsense, offer me accommodation in your aunt’s backyard somewhere in Nepal, buy me a beer or send a recipe for cookies – write: hania@hiha.pl . Or send me a homing pigeon.