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Kilometer 16 306: Samarkand – too blue to be true

Let’s stop for another while in Samarkand, maybe she’ll forgive us for staying so short?

There’s a reason why it’s considered the most magical and charming city in Central Asia. I need to stop talking now and let the pictures tell you the story.


Gur-e-Amir mausoleum

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Kilometer 15 559: how to become a broad-shouldered millionaire

Is your life a pursuit for wealth? Are you excited by the idea of taking a bath in a swimming pool filled with banknotes? Or maybe just a humble shopping spree with a briefcase full of money? This is a country made for you. Nowhere else can you become a millionaire so quickly.


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Kilometer 14 890: if it’s Tuesday, we must be in Samarkand aka how to see Uzbekistan in 55 hours

It’s been almost six months since we’re on the road. Exactly a quarter of our expenses goes for visas. There comes a moment when you say: piss off, Uzbekistan. 180 bucks per person for all visa formalities, seriously? To get a one entry ticket and spend each night in a government-approved hotel, because you need to register? If you want expensive holidays, you go skiing to Davos and not backpacking to Central Asia. If that’s how they want to treat us, we’ll find a way.

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