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Kilometer 17 872: how we became polar bears and what’s the proper use of a sheep

Horses and sheep are grazing on the flower dotted meadows surrounded by 5,000 and 6,000 m high mountains. By the yurts – woolen tents which serve as everyday homes for half a year, women navigate their huge buckets kneeling and milking the mares, providing Kyrgyzstan with its horse delicacy and cure for all ailments for the following year – kumyz. Someone is galloping across the pasture and begins his ascend up to the pass. Another someone is sending his eagle out for a hunt. The bird will be back with a hare just in time for dinner.


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Kilometer 17 034: the Kyrgyz way to cure hangover

Russia stretched its arms and lay comfortably on 12 time zones. When the time is right, the fireworks flash from the right to the left and one may chase the New Year by train and party on for 12 hours. Cool?

Wait – it gets better!

Even though Kyrgyzstan didn’t really elbow its way, you can celebrate the beginning of New Year much longer than in Russia! How? – you’ll certainly ask. But here I come with the answer!

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Kilometer 16 411: Kyrgyz days, Kyrgyz nights

Ladies and gentleman, the Nomadic Theatre welcomes you to the premiere of Kyrgyz Days and Nights in four acts! Make yourselves comfortable and turn off your phones.

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