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Kilometer 6575: on learning Russian and shiny teeth

Learn basic Russian. Really do.


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Kilometer 6335: on Ganja and train rides

Hitchhiking works too well. Having checked that, we decided to reach the city charmingly named Ganja by a night train. Is there any other place that could be chosen for the European Youth Capital?


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Kilometer 5971: on the failed attempts to get hungry and cold

This must be a land of long-distance, nay! ultra marathon runners, indefatigable hikers.

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Kilometer 5885: on the national sport, drink and music

Surprise? Change? Same, same, but different? It is the little things and trifling details that build our view about a country and its culture. You compare opinions, habits, popular conversation topics…


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Kilometer 5821: on the burning flames and bubbly volcanoes

The first time I ever got a glance of Azerbaijan was from the Georgian side, by the David Gareja monasteries. One enormous steppe seemed to only end by the Caspian shores, but – surprise!


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Kilometer 5523: on the troubles with Azeri hitchhiking

– Ever been to Armenia?

– But no, absolutely!

The officer browsed through our passports page by page as if they were the most captivating book in order to make sure that we are not enemies of the nation.

– So welcome to Azerbaijan!


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