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Kilometer 7844: on the search for top wine tasting

Armenia would not be its true self without claiming that the first wine was produced on its territory.


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Kilometer 7568: Armenia in a nutshell

What, apart from coffee and booze should you expect when choosing Armenia for your next destination?


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Kilometer 7460: how to deal with the autumn chill Armenian way

Decisions, dilemmas, choices. Every day challenges us. Which major? Career or family? A house or an apartment? All of those – trivialities. Here is the most severe decision you will ever face:

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Kilometer 7343: who’s there with Kim?

Armenian girls walk through life on heels as high as the NBA league players.

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Kilometer 7277: on eggplants and ladas in a ditch

Remember how I warned you not to get on a car which a drunk driver? Well, odds are that you get on a car when he’s sober, but get off when he’s not.


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Kilometer 7124: eating and fighting – the Armenian way

… and Armenia waited with arms wide open and table heavily overloaded.


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