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Georgia in headphones: 5 ways to cope with autumn

It’s here. This is the moment when you get less excited about your pumpkin ginger soup and the mushroom risotto. The chestnuts that you found are getting covered with dust and the neighbour’s dog took the charm away from the colourful pile of leaves.

Soon you’ll be scraping frost off your car, coming home from work without seeing the sun for the whole day… Braise yourselves. Autumn has come.

How do you cope with it? I know one way: the mountains! If not actively, than at least aurally ­čÖé

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The 5 stations of Turkish music express

Have you ever heard any of Tarkan’s songs? If yes, you have an idea what type of music rules in Turkish radio stations. If not, that means you haven’t been to a party since 1996 and you need to seriously think about your life.

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5 songs of Kurdish melancholia

Throughout history, the Kurdish nation has probably experienced every atrocity that a nation can experience throughout history. The pain, the grief and the nostalgia are present in many songs: when people – then with no land, when love – then disappointed.

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