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Month: June 2017

Kilometer 25 989: fluttering colourful flags

I know you prefer to see some letters in my posts, there are some places though which are best accompanied by silence. I fell in love with Tibet. The air smells of Himalayan wind, incense burned in temples and an upcoming storm. I fell in love with the Tibetans. There is peace, wisdom and light in their eyes; there are colourful beads, feathers and freedom in their hair. The streets welcome me with a smiling and cheerful greeting tashidele.

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Kilometer 25 720: on extremists and separatists

A massive man shaved bald with a swastika tattooed on his hand motioned for me to come inside. There was a picture of his leader hanging above the tent door, a man considered an extremist and separatist with terrorist inclinations. Those of his kind are relocated, silenced and stifled. They’d better not create larger groups and organizations.

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Kilometer 25 339: show business in China aka the consequences of Piotrek’s becoming a star

– That face! We must have him! – the director took out his phone and stealthily snapped a picture. – Just look at his profile and the depth of his eyes!

The camera man gasped and nodded his head. The decision was made.

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Kilometer 24 877: on chopsticks etiquette and the most exotic food

Today it was pointed out that I have bad table manners. I feel silly.

You shouldn’t stab your food with chopsticks, that I know and follow. You should keep some leftovers on your plate, otherwise the host will worry there wasn’t enough, that I know and (usually) follow. You should make sounds while consuming, the louder, the better compliment for the chef, that I know. But I don’t follow, and there’s the rub.

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Kilometer 23 551: how to survive aka Mandarin deliberations of a linguist

Have you ever heard of language with no grammar? One, with no scary conjugation, declination, exceptions? Where in order to put your words in the past tense it’s enough to add yesterday to the original sentence, no need to worry about irregular verbs? This is how friendly Chinese is.

Well, all right. Usually when something sounds too good to be true, there’s a catch…

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