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Month: November 2016

Kilometer 5523: on the troubles with Azeri hitchhiking

– Ever been to Armenia?

– But no, absolutely!

The officer browsed through our passports page by page as if they were the most captivating book in order to make sure that we are not enemies of the nation.

– So welcome to Azerbaijan!


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Kilometer 5400: gaumarjos means cheers


I won’t attempt to teach anyone history. I just want to note that Georgia, next to its neighbour, Armenia, is one of the oldest around-European civilizations.

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Kilometer 5170: on the connection between Lewandowski and hitchhiking

Robert Lewandowski! You have achieved the unachievable.

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Kilometer 4941: on the challenges of hitchhiking and the defeat of Polish team

So we’re reading the map. There are two alternative roads: one through the capital city, the other one a byway, but clearly and unambiguously an existing one. “Let’s not drag ourselves into Tbilisi, we’ll spend a whole day getting out of the city!” – Hania said wisely.

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Kilometer 4793: on the secret of Georgian construction and surprise lemonade


You’d think it’s a small country! The climate in Georgia changes every 200 km in each direction.

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The 5 stations of Turkish music express

Have you ever heard any of Tarkan’s songs? If yes, you have an idea what type of music rules in Turkish radio stations. If not, that means you haven’t been to a party since 1996 and you need to seriously think about your life.

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Kilometer 4640: the Mexico on Georgian plates

For some reason Piotrek thinks this photo goes well with a culinary post.

For some reason Piotrek thinks this photo goes well with a culinary post.

Unexpectedly, Georgian cuisine got compared to Mexican. After a quick analysis, I figured that there might be something in it: corn, beans and tomatoes reign in most dishes and local pallets claim that it’s spicy.

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Kilometer 0


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How to hitchhike – part 3

Today’s focus is an issue which discourages many people from ridesharing.


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