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Month: October 2016

Kilometer 4127: on the skills needed to become a taxi driver and the sacred animals of Georgia

Georgian drivers are an independent social and cultural group. Every car can become a taxi, every bigger car can become a marshrutka, every man can become a professional driver. All you need is attitude and goodwill.


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Kilometer 3707: on chacha, neon lights, carpets and Batumi

After elbowing our way through the crowd of laden migrants (what do they carry in those enourmous bags?! Bedding? Carpets?), explaining to the seventh driver that we are not waiting for a marshrutka (minibus) or even less so for a taxi, and listening to the bidding drivers, we got to the capital of Adjara – Batumi. Continue reading

Kilometer 3504: breaking the waves


It’s impossible to set a tent in such a way that the call for prayer from the nearest mosque doesn’t wake you up at sunrise. It’s impossible to run away from – not just buzz, actual scream – of cicadas. Continue reading

Kilometer 3382: Turkish way of sharing a meal

I’m not entirely sure whether the houses which host us fill up with people all of a sudden due to the hazelnut season, for the weekend, because we are there, or they just fill up with people regularly.

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Kilometer 3257: on chatting, touching, singing

People talk to each other. They have vivid conversations on the bus, like old friends. Continue reading

Kilometer 3198: on trust, organic honey and unexpected climate changes

We are overtaking another vehicle in a tunnel while exceeding the speeding limit three times, but the absolute poker face of Ramazan, our driver, has a surprisingly reassuring effect.

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How to hitchhike – part 2

Today is all about not getting run over by passing cars and making sure that once the driver has stopped for us, they will not screech away before we get into the car.


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Kilometer 2932: the stunning Cappadoccia aka why I agreed to wake up before dawn


So, well, yes. The Turkish bazaar has finally defeated me. And I fought so long!

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Kilometer 2644: how to quickly gain weight and go bankrupt

I will furnish my home here some day. I have fallen in love with Turkish ceramics and carpets, greatly, passionately and sincerely and vow to remain faithful to them – at least until Iran.


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Kilometer 2397: on Turkish beer and unexpected guests

Midnight. We got to Karabük. The driver sent us off with ice cream cones, so with boosted morale off we went to look for a place to sleep.

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