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Month: September 2016

5 songs of Kurdish melancholia

Throughout history, the Kurdish nation has probably experienced every atrocity that a nation can experience throughout history. The pain, the grief and the nostalgia are present in many songs: when people – then with no land, when love – then disappointed.

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Kilometer 1966: the colours of Istanbul


I won’t write about Istanbul, I guess everything has already been written. The city is ridiculously beautiful, the people are ridiculously friendly. If this wasn’t enough, on account of the prodemocratic demonstrations the city transport was free for the whole week and, since we were the only tourists daring enough to enter Turkey during this difficult time, Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque welcomed us with a complete lack of queues. The sun setting behind the minarets observed from the Galata bridge is magical.

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A short story about a very light cosmetic bag


It is a well-known fact that every normal girl needs a cosmetic bag that can fit eye cream, day cream, night cream, scrub, firming mask, cleansing mask, nourishing serum, shampoo, hair conditioner, dry ends serum, hair straightener and hair wax followed by all sorts of make-up gear.

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Kilometer 650: where hitchhiking works best and why in Turkey


Just a few kilometers out of Budapest we started to experience Turkish hospitality, having been invited into a truck cab graced with abundant artifacts which suggested utmost devotion to one of Istanbul’s football teams. Five shared meals, a dozen sweet, strong cups of çay, one lost pair of shoes and numerous mosquito bites later – we arrived in the land of friendliness and kebab. Continue reading

How to hitchhike – part 1

Dear rookie hitchhikers,

I present you with the hitchhikers guide to the world! What to do and what not to do in order to find a good ride and create positive experiences? Read on to find out!


Few means of transport are as rewarding and cost-effective as sharing a car with a helpful and kind driver. Hitchhiking may be popular in some countries and not so common in others, but it does make a possible and fulfilling way of travelling around the whole world.

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